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The densely packed roofs towering over floors and floors of building area, might not immediately seem like the best location for a Photovoltaic Array. This video from Chris Neidl a Solar 1, provides a clear explanation of both how PV works and why it’s ideal for NYC!

“Hey, lets get out of here”

Little did we know that over the weekend a few hundred guests would be in the office…

The inter-office email sent on Monday Morning:

Hi all,

We have started an office composting bin, and on our way to reducing office waste we hit a little bump and lost a few worms in the process. But we are happy to report most survived and are very happy in their new condo. Now that the worms have a little something to eat (thanks for the banana peel Jeff!) they should stay put and get to work. We are leaving them outside for a couple days to be sure. This morning’s great escape attempt was an anomaly and moving forward there should be no major issues. Also, as long as the compost is healthy and balanced it does not smell

Happy composting.

The story behind the email:

In an effort to start a composting bin on a busy Friday afternoon, the worm condo was successfully picked up from Union Square Market and dropped off at the office. Only we forgot the single required step to successful composting….Feed the Worms! Read the rest of this entry »