So much time can be spent during the design process sourcing materials and this process can be even more daunting when it comes to reclaimed materials.
This week I came across a business working to change that. PlanetReuse, established in 2008, appears to be making it their mission to offer insight, material integration ideas and help in sourcing the right materials, as close to your project as possible.
While we have not used them in our office yet I was interested by the scope of their objectives.

They seems to be on the right track by encouraging the designer to think about integration of the reclaimed materials as early as schematic design.

As we know carefully sourced reclaimed materials can contribute to Materials and Resources credits 3.1 and 3.2 Material Reuse, as well as Innovation Credit for Exemplary Performance. If you also work to get the materials within the 500-mile radius you can contribute to MR credits 5.1 and 5.2 Regional Materials. For materials that reclaimed material options are not available you can source FSC options to contribute to the MRc7 credit.