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So much time can be spent during the design process sourcing materials and this process can be even more daunting when it comes to reclaimed materials.
This week I came across a business working to change that. PlanetReuse, established in 2008, appears to be making it their mission to offer insight, material integration ideas and help in sourcing the right materials, as close to your project as possible.
While we have not used them in our office yet I was interested by the scope of their objectives.

The British government’s Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Miliband, announced¬†details of a ‘green loan’ scheme on March 2 to help home owners pay for energy efficient improvements to their property.

The scheme known as ‘Pay as you Save’¬†plans to help residential owners undergo ‘whole house’ makeovers by integrating green technologies such as full wall insulation and small scale renewables, like solar thermal and PV, into their homes.

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Winter in Ireland is normally a mellow affair. A scarf and a pair of wellington boots usually does the trick.
The moderate temperatures are a result of the warmer ocean water of the Gulf Stream pushing north past the North Atlantic West coast and its extension, the North Atlantic Drift.

A typical Irish winter tends to be foggy, dull and damp but still green, albeit a little jaded.

Ireland with its typical winter coat.

Ireland and the UK, January 7, 2010

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