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Could this be the next big thing in the world of energy? Tonight on 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl introduced us to Bloom Energy (BE). In Sunnyvale, CA, BE is developing solid oxide regenerative fuel cells (SORFC) – renewable electrical energy generated from hydrogen and the oxygen in ambient air. These fuel cells can be powered by a variety of fuel sources increasing efficiency. Company head K.R. Sridhar is hopeful that one day all homes will be powered by a Bloom Box for about $3,000. Although the company has been secretive thus far, Michael Kanellos of greentech media has been following their project and believes that K.R.’s dream has about a 20% chance.  He sees bigger companies like GE out doing BE in the long run. But things are moving quickly for BE as companies including Google, Ebay, and even Walmart have already bought Bloom Boxes and are testing them at select facilities. They are also being backed by serious investors at venture capital group Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the company responsible for discovering Netscape, Amazon, and Google. Based on the countdown at BE’s website, it seems they will making a major announcement on the 24th of February. As we wait to hear their news check out this 60 Minutes Video and catch up on the story.

Bloom Energy’s K.R. Sridhar  (CBS)


I recently tried a recipe for chocolate soufflé and it came out great. “The Minimalist,” Mark Bittman, never steers you wrong. But what makes this green you ask? Well the main ingredient is of course eggs, which can be found at the farmer’s market pretty much year round. I picked up a half dozen on my way home to cook, marking this chocolate indulgence with a pretty small carbon footprint. Sure they cost a little bit more, but you can see the quality in the dark yellow-orange yokes. They made for a result that was certainly well worth it. One thing to add to Mr. Bittman’s recipe, which I learned over at Vintage Irving on E 15th Street, is to crack the top of your soufflé when it’s done and pour in some melted chocolate for good measure.

Here’s Mark’s step by step recipe from the New York Times: Recipe Video

Just as the UN Climate Change Summit was set to begin in Copenhagen, the news that a string of emails from leading climate scientists had been hacked and released threatened to pull attention away from crucial global emission policy debate.  How much affect would these emails have?

Some excerpts of conversations here at BKSK:

“The latest news about Climate Gate is just another political distraction from the opposition to making significant CO2 emission policy changes. Instead of pointing fingers at which projections are right and which projections might be doctored, it is more important to let the facts speak for themselves. Let’s not forget these emissions have an impact on our health as well. Take for instance the rates of Asthma in the South Bronx. A study conducted between 2002 and 2005 (mentioned in a 2006 New York Times article by Manny Fernandez) linked increased rates of asthma in school children directly to elevated highway traffic emissions. The South Bronx is a micro climate of these toxic fumes, a home to more interstates per square mile than should be necessary. Most of these roads are continually used by large trucks to export NYC’s trash. If nothing is done to reform CO2 levels across all industries, incidents like this one will keep occurring and the climate change clock will continue to tick. Let’s stop debating how fast it’s ticking and solve the problem before it’s to late. Who knows maybe we can even lower our health care expenses and increase our quality of life.

-Jeff Massey

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