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So much time can be spent during the design process sourcing materials and this process can be even more daunting when it comes to reclaimed materials.
This week I came across a business working to change that. PlanetReuse, established in 2008, appears to be making it their mission to offer insight, material integration ideas and help in sourcing the right materials, as close to your project as possible.
While we have not used them in our office yet I was interested by the scope of their objectives.

An abandoned home on Detroit’s east side

Here at B[log]KSK, we plan to spend some time discussing the preservation of items that have passed their original lifespan, with the intention of finding innovative uses for these things rather than relegating them to the trash heap.  While we originally envisioned said items to be small, everyday objects, it seemed like it’d be fun to also explore something a little more grandiose. Read the rest of this entry »

Photo by James Baigrie

From aerosol cans to zippered plastic bags, Real Simple tells you how to recycle everything.

We should mention that surplus building materials, which aren’t included on the list, can also be recycled. Build it Green NYC is one such organization whose efforts have kept 450 tons of salvaged and surplus building materials from landfills. They carry everything from panel doors to high end refrigerators to movie props at their Queens warehouse for sale at deeply discounted prices. Click here for other reuse organizations in the New York City area.

When you consider the many samples that are sent to architects over the course of a project, it adds up to a lot of cardboard, peanuts, and tape. Not to mention all the impacts of shipping. Its always a good idea to use a box or envelope more than once and even more than twice if you can, but this example that arrived today is possibly the best re-use we have seen. The excellent craftsmanship involved with turning the Toasteds box inside-out and creating a box out of what would otherwise be waste blew us away.