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I’m borrowing a Top Ten from one of my very favorite food sites, At sustainable table, you can learn about what makes any given food sustainable, what produce is in season in your area, find recipes, search directories of farmers’ markets and much, much more. I encourage you to visit the site and become part of the community. Together we will affect change… and eat some really yummy food. : )

Learn to Cook Sustainably for These Ten Reasons


Just as the UN Climate Change Summit was set to begin in Copenhagen, the news that a string of emails from leading climate scientists had been hacked and released threatened to pull attention away from crucial global emission policy debate.  How much affect would these emails have?

Some excerpts of conversations here at BKSK:

“The latest news about Climate Gate is just another political distraction from the opposition to making significant CO2 emission policy changes. Instead of pointing fingers at which projections are right and which projections might be doctored, it is more important to let the facts speak for themselves. Let’s not forget these emissions have an impact on our health as well. Take for instance the rates of Asthma in the South Bronx. A study conducted between 2002 and 2005 (mentioned in a 2006 New York Times article by Manny Fernandez) linked increased rates of asthma in school children directly to elevated highway traffic emissions. The South Bronx is a micro climate of these toxic fumes, a home to more interstates per square mile than should be necessary. Most of these roads are continually used by large trucks to export NYC’s trash. If nothing is done to reform CO2 levels across all industries, incidents like this one will keep occurring and the climate change clock will continue to tick. Let’s stop debating how fast it’s ticking and solve the problem before it’s to late. Who knows maybe we can even lower our health care expenses and increase our quality of life.

-Jeff Massey

For more information on COP_15:

“Hey, lets get out of here”

Little did we know that over the weekend a few hundred guests would be in the office…

The inter-office email sent on Monday Morning:

Hi all,

We have started an office composting bin, and on our way to reducing office waste we hit a little bump and lost a few worms in the process. But we are happy to report most survived and are very happy in their new condo. Now that the worms have a little something to eat (thanks for the banana peel Jeff!) they should stay put and get to work. We are leaving them outside for a couple days to be sure. This morning’s great escape attempt was an anomaly and moving forward there should be no major issues. Also, as long as the compost is healthy and balanced it does not smell

Happy composting.

The story behind the email:

In an effort to start a composting bin on a busy Friday afternoon, the worm condo was successfully picked up from Union Square Market and dropped off at the office. Only we forgot the single required step to successful composting….Feed the Worms! Read the rest of this entry »